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Why an appraisal

The appraisal of an aircraft is a very essential element of the financing process. It proves to be an indispensable tool for the banking and financial institutions.

Whether you are a financial intermediary, a purchaser or a vendor, it is important to be aware of the actual aircraft value. In each case put all the assets on your side while holding an official document prepared by recognized experts.

When you ask for the appraisal of an aircraft you want it to be as accurate as those prepared for residential or commercial properties. Hence, it is considered important to seek expert services to reassure individuals with their decision of financing or investment.

Canadian-Aircraft-Appraisal, are qualified to appraise and evaluate all types of aircraft, wheels or floats, single, piston twin, turbo propeller or jet.

Our experts

The team of specialist at Canadian-Aircraft-Appraisal are directed by Mr. Raymond Thabet, also of Thabet Aeroplus International Inc., who counts more than 35 years experience in the aviation domain. With certainty we know that our customers require objective appraisal and we are able to meet this need which is growing constantly.

Our clientele

Among our distinguished customers, we are proud to count the Canadian and Quebec governments, several Quebec Air Carriers and some of the financial institutions such as the Royal Bank of Canada, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, the Caisse Populaire Desjardins, Canadian Development Bank and many others.

Step by Step Process

Our appraisals are based on the retail price and the current market value. The result always indicates the aircraft lowest and highest price on today's market. If necessary we can provide a fast selling price for the appraised aircraft.

When we proceed with the appraisal the following points are taken into consideration : manufactured year, airframe total time, engine total time, (is the engine new of overhauled?) propeller total time, avionics, and additional equipment such as: floats, stol kit, or other modifications. As for the exterior and interior conditions, when there is no visual inspection we do not add any value, otherwise we evaluate according to them.

When the airframe counts more than 4000 hours, the basic price must be adjusted according to the annual average flight hours as per the specific aircraft, which gives us a new basic value.

Our appraisals are also based on the market prices where we can find similar aircraft for sale. They are always calculated in American dollars and then converted into Canadian currencies. Moreover, a sample of sources used is as follows:

1.  JETNET Computer System for Turbine and Jet Airplanes
2.  The Airliner Price Guide of Commercial, Regional and Commuter Aircraft, Published by Thomas and Richards
3.  The Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest
4.  The International Aircraft Price Guide, published by ASI in London, England
5.  Avmark Inc. Newsletter
6.  Various Trade Journals, such as all North American and European periodicals, including Trade-A-Plane

The validity of our appraisals is ninety (90) days and it can be justifiable in court.

In order to be ensured that all is in conformity with the aircraft maintenance, the applicable regulations, certifications, airworthiness directives, etc., we carry out a meticulous analysis of the aircraft technical log books and associated documentation. For this particular task, we retain the services of a qualified mechanic who is familiar with the specific type of aircraft.




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